Physical warmups

Welcome to the Physical Warmup Section


These practices are not core material but rather a supplemental offering. They were designed specially to complement the Fully Being course. Many people find warming up and loosening the body helpful before sitting, to transition into a good space for meditation. As with any movement practice, use your common sense and only do what feels safe and comfortable for you. If you have illnesses or past injuries that may compromise your abilities, please consult your doctor before trying these exercises. Practice at your own risk. And enjoy!

Fully Being Qigong Warmups

with instruction

( ~16 min )

Fully Being Qigong Warmups

silent version

( ~10 min )

The qigong-based practice shown above is a gentle but effective routine gleaned from several qigong and Tai Chi lineages. There is a version with spoken instruction, approximately 16 minutes long, that can be used several times to get acquainted with the movement, standing posture and general vibe. After getting familiar there is a silent guided version, approximately 10 minutes long, you can use for ongoing practice.

The yoga warm-ups and breathing exercises shown below are taught by an experienced professor of yoga at Naropa University and include basic postures, movements and breathing to prepare for sitting meditation. If you feel pain, lightheaded or dizzy while doing the yoga exercises or breathings please stop, rest and consult a qualified yoga instructor to help you learn the exercises.

Fully Being Yoga Warmups

joints series (movements)

( ~ 15 min )

Fully Being Yoga Warmups

sitting postures

( ~ 6 min )