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Welcome to the Review Section

The purpose of this review section is give you the essential teaching clips, key points, mantra’s and exercises selected from the 8 modules of the course. You can review the teachings by module as you proceed through the course, review them as a whole at the end of the course, or of course any combination that best works for you.

Section 1Review Section
Section 2Dropping Review
Lecture 2Feeling the Body Fully (DP6)
Lecture 3Taking Off the Backpack (DP3)
Lecture 4Gutsy Attitude (DP5)
Lecture 5Space of Non-Grasping (DP7)
Lecture 6Drop with Clarity (DP8)
Section 3Four Modes Review
Lecture 7Knowing and Thinking (FM2)
Lecture 8Knowing and Awareness (FM5)
Lecture 9Basic Clarity (FM8)
Section 4Handshake Review
Lecture 10Facing "Issues" (HS1)
Lecture 11Kindness to Monsters (HS2)
Lecture 12Numbness and Tightness (HS3)
Lecture 13Finding our Rights (HS4)
Lecture 14Trusting Being (HS7)
Lecture 15Feeling Fear (HS8)
Lecture 16Real But Not True (HS20)
Lecture 17How to Be with Feelings (HS12)
Section 5Essence Love Review
Lecture 18Main Door Only (EL12)
Lecture 19Juicy Love (EL11)
Lecture 20The Whisper of Love (EL10)
Lecture 21Dimming the Light (EL9)
Lecture 22Our Birthright (EL2)
Section 6Subtle Body Review
Lecture 23Gentle Vase Breath (SB16)
Lecture 24Working with Lung (SB19)
Section 7Calm Abiding Review
Lecture 25View of Calm Abiding (CA2)
Lecture 26Mindful Knowing (CA3)
Lecture 27Distraction (CA4)
Lecture 28Relaxing into the View (CA6)
Lecture 29Aware of Clarity (CA18)
Section 8Insight Review
Lecture 30Two Kinds of Seeing (IN2)
Lecture 31Why Analyse? (IN4)
Lecture 32Mere I (IN9)
Lecture 33Impermanence (IN11)
Lecture 34Interdependence (IN12)
Section 9Qualities Review
Lecture 35Self Cherishing to Essence Love (Q1)
Lecture 36Not Fearing Experience (Q2)
Lecture 37Who Feels Compassion (Q3)
Lecture 38Child's Heart & Adult Brain (Q7)