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Welcome to Qualities

The Integration of Fully Being




Living Qualities

This last section is a bit different than the others. You now have worked through seven sections of transformative teachings. As aspiring “actors” we have practiced our skill sets for over a year (congratulations!). Now we are asked to go on stage, move off the cushion, and bring together all our training and hard work for the benefit of others. However, before we go on stage and the curtain rises, let’s see how Rinpoche describes the living experience of fully being in daily life.

The term “qualities” is often used in spiritual traditions to refer to the synergistic fruits and abilities that emerge when certain stages of integration are reached or certain practices are mastered.

A few of the many qualities of fully being are: less self-centeredness, a warm and open heart, more guts, a willingness to help, playfulness, humor, flexibility and more happiness for no reason. As we become less and less encumbered by habits, wounds and neuroses, our experience of the world becomes more vibrant and joyful. It is a time for celebration and to reach out and help others. It is also a healthy and grounded platform for embarking on the path of liberation and enlightenment.



In light of these last Fully Being teachings, we might enjoy this short quotation by Shantideva:


May the precious bodhicitta (awakened heart)

Arise where it has not arisen.

And where it has arisen, may it not diminish,

But increase further and further.

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