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           About us


You are perfect just as you are — and you could use a little work.”  ~ Suzuki Roshi

Rinpoche often jokes about “All about me!” as a sort of subconscious refrain we walk around with most of the time, like an inner soundtrack. In that spirit we have prepared this “About us” section with the attitude of “All about us!”

This course is the fruition of Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s vision over many years. The actual course was lovingly prepared by a team of Rinpoche’s students. Many people pitched in, too many to even acknowledge. The process took several years: from the initial meetings with Rinpoche clarifying the backbone of the course, to hundreds of hours of reviewing and clipping videos, months of writing supportive materials, new video production, website design and development, subtitling, final editing and proofing and a blessing from Rinpoche. Many volunteers also gave valuable advice that improved the course. We would like to thank each and every one of the dozens of people who contributed their time, energy, skills and expertise to bringing this project to completion. It could not have happened without a big team effort.

We would like to specifically thank (in no specific order): Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Esteban and Tressa Hollander, Adam Kane, Douglas Beechwood, Catherine Hollander, Gerardo Abboud, Deborah Easley, James Terburg, Babo Harrison, Patrick Hammond, Justin Walden, Nataraja Kallio, Christine Dupre, Saralee Kane, Damien Hoffman, John Makransky, Pedro Beroy, Kevin Wiley, Leandro Chernikoff, Daniela Labra, Mark Kane, Leonard Hortick and Stephanie Seldon, Hassan Niwaz, Myoshin Kelley, Cortland Dahl, Danny and Tara Goleman, Sharon Salzberg and Brady Hogan.