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Welcome to Fully Being

A comprehensive new course from Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Fully Being is a journey of discovery leading to a grounded body, an open heart and a clear mind. In this experiential course Tsoknyi Rinpoche offers unique, powerful and practical tools for traversing the spiritual path that returns us to our fullness of being.

This self-paced course of 8 sections consists of video teachings and guided meditations by Rinpoche, as well as key points, exercises and daily reminders.

Rinpoche’s style is engagingly fresh, playful and penetrating. This course is the outcome of over 25 years of teaching and dialoguing throughout the world. Fully Being is intended both as an independent approach to embodied spirituality and as a preparation and enhancement for the traditional path of liberation.

Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.” – Rumi


The 3 Spheres of Fully Being:

A grounded body, an open heart and a clear mind.

An Intro Video about the course
to give a sense of Fully Being

The 8 Core Sections of Fully Being

We begin the course by dropping the thinking mind and landing in the body. We learn how to drop the anxious, hyper-active mind and ground awareness in the body.

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4 Modes

We learn a basic structure of the mind, in order to understand and distinguish how key aspects work. The four modes also serve as a framework for other teachings.

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We learn to connect directly with feelings, emotions and thought patterns, to meet our “beautiful monsters”. This allows us to be with inner experiences without our usual habits of suppressing, rejecting, indulging or running away. Handshaking is a deep healing practice.

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We discover and connect to the home of the feeling world, a basic wellbeing or okayness that we are born with. Essence love is the very foundation of love and compassion but is not yet expressed. It is the spark of life and creativity, a readiness to give and receive love.

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We learn a model of the subtle body, the world of feelings, subtle sensations and energies. The pace of modern living can cause blockages and imbalances in our subtle bodies. We learn to recognize speedy energy and use a breathing technique to return it to its natural home.

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We are introduced to the natural clarity of mind and train in practices of undistracted presence. In this system we begin with resting in nowness without a particular object, and then train in settling the mind on the breath.

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From a platform of calmness and clarity, we investigate more deeply into the nature of perception, mind and self. Rinpoche introduces a practical framework for understanding who we are and how we function, in order to give rise to insight and wisdom.

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We learn about qualities that result from the Fully Being practices. Rinpoche also addresses integrating these teachings with daily life, work and relationships — what it looks like when it all comes together.

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This is a “greatest hits” section
for quick and easy review of
the core content.

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Guided Meditations

This is primarily for students who have completed
the course and want a selection of
Daily Practices and Guided Meditations.

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Meet Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Instructor of Fully Being

Tsoknyi Rinpoche was born in Nepal in 1966, to a Tibetan father and a Nepali mother. He was raised and educated in Nepal and India under some of the greatest meditation masters of the last generation. He began traveling and teaching throughout the world over 25 years ago.

Rinpoche is deeply committed to presenting wisdom teachings in ways that are authentic and yet fresh and relevant. He has a keen interest in how spirituality can be embodied given the unique mental and emotional challenges of living in today’s world. He also oversees nunneries in Nepal and Tibet and has thousands of students across the world. He regularly teaches in North America, Europe, South America and East Asia.

You can find out more about Rinpoche’s activities, lineage and schedule on his website: